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<a href='2550NortLoopWest.html'>2550 North Loop West. Houston, Texas, USA </a> <a href='OneWestBell.html'>One West Belt. Houston, Texas, USA </a> <a href='torrestAtlantico.html'>Torres Atlantico. Luanda, Angola </a> <a href='total.html'>Total E & P Angola . Luanda, Angola </a> <a href='total.html'>Torres Atlantico. Luanda, Angola </a>

Bayview has a strong and diverse commercial portfolio of real estate ventures in both the domestic and international markets. We have continually expanded our portfolio to include over 1.5 million square feet of developed or acquired prime office space.

Bayview is strategically located in West Houston and Luanda, Angola, two of the top energy exploration and development markets in the world today. Angola is one of the fastest emerging markets worldwide with average oil production expected at 2 million BPD through 2013. Angola and Houston's diversified economies are creating new and exciting investment opportunities for Bayview and our business partners.

domestic projects

Bayview has developed or acquired an extensive portfolio of prime commercial office buildings in the Southwest region of the United States.

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international projects

Bayview's international portfolio consists of a large scale office and residential development in the Central Business District of Luanda, Angola as well as multi-level parking structures and industrial complexes.

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