Managing Director - Dennis Thompson

dennis thompson

As Managing Director in Charge of Operations for the Bayview group of companies, Dennis oversees the firm’s domestic and international operations. Dennis has 28 years of proven experience owning, operating and developing projects worldwide. He brings a unique blend of consultant and owner/developer experience to the design, development and marketing of real estate projects including commercial, office, residential, industrial facilities and parking structures. He is responsible for overall management, growth and new business development for the firm. He is also active in the financial management, human resources, and overall operations of all aspects of the firm in both the USA and Angola offices.

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Sonangol Sociedade Nacional de Combustíveis de Angola (Bayview - Edificações de Empreendimentos Imobiliários, Lda.)

As the National Oil Company of Angola, Sonangol’s main focus in the oil and gas industry includes managing concessions, exploration, production, distribution of crude derivatives and crude sales. Sonangol has also diversified into related industries such as Civil Aviation, Maritime Transportation, Logistics, Civil Engineering, Banking, Food Retail and Catering.

Sonangol is a truly diversified multinational company with headquarters in Luanda, Angola. Through its acquired experience, hard work and sustained development, Sonangol has gained prestige and built a solid reputation in the oil industry both in Angola and abroad. This is a direct result of great relationships with oil companies worldwide that operate or have interests and investments in Angola.